What are the best free eCard websites

What are the best free eCard websites

If you are looking to send some free eCards, then you should know that there are dozens of great websites online where you can find electronic greeting cards for every occasion. The following is a list of best free eCard websites where you can search, find and send a free card for any occasion imaginable.

  • 123Greetings

There are hundreds of different electronic cards you can find at this website. There is a great selection of free eCards for any occasion. You can also add videos to your eCards or include some famous quotes. There are cards for birthday, expressing love, special occasions and anniversaries, friendship and family cards, as well as holiday cards. You can become a member of 123Greetings for additional benefits, like accessing some special fun tools and variety of other services, like calendar, address book and reminders service. 123Greetings is very well organized website, divided into several different categories and sub-categories. All you need to do is just click on the category you are interested in and you will be presented with many nice eCards for you to choose. Then you can personalize the eCard and send it for free to anyone you want.

  • Someecards

If you are searching for hilarious and fun eCards to send someone, then someecards is a great free option. There are some very nice eCards with catchy and inappropriate, but fun phrases to choose from, and all of their cards can also be shared on social media platforms. Many young people use this free eCard site, as it offers great cards made for laughs.

  • Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is one of the oldest eCard websites, constantly ranked among the best for their variety of electronic cards. All of their cards are beautifully designed, and there is also a membership option for accessing more features. If you want a website that has some high quality eCards, then Blue Mountain is the top choice for you.

  • JibJab

JibJab is a hilarious website offering some stunningly good personalized video cards. You can send the videos as free electronic cards, share them on social media, or you can download them for your own pleasure. You can use Selfie Swiper to take a selfie and use this eCard service to customize your card. There are plenty of free eCards and personalized videos to choose from, but you can also become a premium member if you want to take an advantage of several other things as well.

  • Care2Cards

Great thing regarding this free eCard website is that whenever you are sending a free electronic card, you are also making a difference to people`s lives because you are generating donations to different charities. Care2Cards has an inventory of almost thirty thousand free eCards for you to choose from, designed for every occasion you can imagine. Not just that, but at this website there are different artists that contribute every day, so you can discover some really nice artistic eCards. Check this website and you will surely find something great to send to someone close to you.

What are the best paid eCard websites

Besides numerous free eCard websites which you can use, there are also many quality paid websites created for creating fabulous eCards. The following are the best paid eCard websites, where for a small and affordable fee you can take advantage of many great features.

  • American Greetings

This is a paid eCard website where you can find thousands of electronic greeting cards for all occasions. Regardless of what you wish to express, you can do so easily by using this website. Choose between the categories ranging from holidays to anniversaries, or choose simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Have a great day’ eCards. All cards can be personalized according to your wishes and you can also include some popular lyrics or videos in the greeting card. If you wish you can start from scratch and create your own unique eCard and send it someone. If you sign up for their service you will get access to many great offers and features. You will get an unlimited access to all new greeting cards and use some new or unique fonts and color styles. One month of subscription to this website is just $4, one year membership is $20, while two-year subscription is $30.

  • Hallmark

For just $1.25 per month you can gain access to this great eCard website, where you can find a huge selection of cards for any occasion. There are thousands of different designs to choose from, so you will definitely be spoilt for choice. You can filter cards by occasion or category and you can also include some popular characters, real life images, drawings or cartoons in the greeting cards. Electronic cards can be personalized, you can edit fonts, add images, themes and many more other things.

  • Smilebox

At this website you can create different collages, scrapbooks, photo books, unique electronic cards, create invitations and many more other things. SmileBox has also some controversial and humorous adult style cards for special partners that you would meet on sites like Meet N Fuck. There is also a free trial version on this site, but if you want to gain access to all features then go for the paid version which comes for very cheap prices between of $4 and $8 per month. If you want to use a good program that incorporates numerous things besides simple eCards then try Smilebox and you will not be disappointed.

  • eVite

eVite is an excellent paid website where you can customize the electronic eCards. There is a wide selection of cards for any occasion for you to choose from. You can also create and design an own eCard, starting from scratch. There are many different backgrounds and themes available for you to use and you can even use your own pictures or images. When it comes to membership, signing up to this website is free, but you then need to choose different paid packages depending on how many recipients you plan to send cards to. The prices range from just $2 to up to $80, but you will be getting good value for money regardless of which package you choose.

What is an eCard and what’s the difference between a Physical Card and an eCard

            Many years ago people were thinking of ways how to stay in touch with each other regardless of the distance. Writing letters, sending faxes, postcards or telegrams is slowly becoming a thing of the past now, when people have access to the perks of modern technology. With the expansion of electronic communication and people becoming more knowledgeable in computers and internet, now there is a new way for sending thoughts, expressing their emotions and wishes.

One such thing through which you can do all of the mentioned is the eCard or short for electronic card. Electronic greeting cards are very popular today and with these cards you can send your greetings online. These electronic cards are designed for every occasion, whether it is anniversary, birthday, holiday or just friendship. There are thousands of eCards you can find online and send them free to anyone in the world. All the recipient has to do is just open their email and click on the message to see the electronic greeting card.

Physical cards are different from electronic cards in a way as you have to physically send them by regular mail. You need to go to a store, buy the card, write something on it, and then go to the post office to send it. That is becoming a thing of the past because not only it takes a lot of time for you to do all that, but the recipient usually has to wait for several days before getting the physical card in their post box. On the other side, sending and receiving eCards is done instantly. As soon as you press the send button, the recipient will instantly get the eCard you are sending. The simple and quick process of sending and receiving is what makes eCards extremely popular today.

Today`s modern and fast way of living means that people do not have much time to go look for cards in stores and then send them by post. Electronic cards simplify everything and they are very easy and good way for expressing thoughts and emotions. People are usually very busy working or taking care of their families, but with eCards they can easily stay in touch with other people and let them know that they think of them often.

There are hundreds categories in which the eCards are categorized online, so you can choose for whichever reason you want to send it. There are simple eCards, birthday cards, stay in touch cards, friendship cards and many more other categories. There are cards themed for social media so your could meet kik girls online and send them an eCard. Electronic greeting cards are so popular today that people started using them for many other things like announcing achievements, milestones, marriage proposals, reminder notes, and for party invitations.

The eCards can also be personalized according your wishes and you can add some personal note or text you wish the recipient to see. Electronic cards are very convenient means of communication and they are slowly replacing physical cards, so take advantage of that and send an eCard to someone close to you.